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The International Beauty Shows (IBS) Presents a Virtual Event on Pricing and People of Color

Here’s a little scoop. In early March I was honored to moderate a panel for the Powerhouse Pavilion at the International Beauty Shows (IBS) and the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conferences (IECSC) in New York! The Pavilion was a salute to Black Entrepreneurs in Beauty, for the very first time at a major Hair Show, and it was incredible! Thank you MYAVANA for your sponsorship.

I led a Panel Discussion on "Pricing & People of Color: Why Do We Undercharge?" and the in person version had such and overwhelming response, that I’m excited to announce that we are going to get to extend the conversation virtually!!

I will be joined by two (2) exceptional women, Dr. Susan Lovelle, Founder of Premiere Wellness and Plastic Surgeon turned Wellness Coach and Crystal Ngozi, Esthetician and Business Coach in the Beauty and Wellness Industry for an honest conversation about the mindset, self worth and even challenges from outside events that have shaped how we’ve charged for our services and viewed ourselves.

We will open it up for questions, and offer practical solutions to get you on track with your prices and feeling more confident! The ‘doors’ are open to grab your space, but they are going fast.

Lives were changed because of the discussion we had in NY! Unfortunately, two of our panelists won’t be able to join us this time, Cornell McBride Jr., CEO of Design Essentials and Accountant for the Beauty Industry, Brandi Fulton. We will miss them, but this will be another powerful conversation you don’t want to miss. It's FREE, but spaces are limited. Click here to sign up now.


P.S. If you know it's time to raise your prices, but you keep getting stuck, do yourself a favor and click here to grab a copy of my Power Pricing Workbook and take the first 3 steps! Links at

Miki Wright is a Pricing Strategist and Business Funding Expert, as well as a long time Leader in the Beauty Industry. She trains talented Professionals how to charge what they're worth! Helping them confidently set and raise their prices, without fear or guilt. She also offers business funding (up to $25K within 24 hours). Wright has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Entrepreneurs with regards to pricing and accessing funding.

Wright's former Salon and Spa has been featured in Essence Magazine, The Washington Post, and qualified as one of the 200 fastest growing Salons in the country with, for three consecutive years. Wright is known for her ability to innovate, inspire and offer actionable steps that get results and is the Founder of the Club $10K 90-day Mastermind. Apply now at

Ready to take your business to the next level? Wright will help you set and raise your prices with confidence, and build and fund the business of your dreams. Contact her at or for business funding, visit

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