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These easy to read e-books have helped thousands of

Hair Stylists to grow a rock-solid clientele in less than 12 months!

Why not you?

Hair Cut

Building Your Clientele 101 e-book

What do successful Hair Stylists know that others don't?  Why do some Hair Stylists fill their book with ease, while some struggle for years?  It's all in this book!  Actually it's more like a guide, taking you step by step through the things you need to do to shorten the learning curve to fill your chair and let your bank account overflow.  


The 2020 Version

Take control of your business now!  

Know Your Numbers is a guide for Hairstylists, Salon and Salon Suite Owners to very simply understand their 'key' numbers, increase their income and boost their profits.  Know Your Numbers is a guide to walk you step-by-step through the 'what' and the 'why' that you need to know to  run a profitable Salon.

Know Your Numbers-4.png
Three Models

Get More Clients, Make More Money, FAST! e-book

If you need to jumpstart your business, this is the way to do it!  Whether you’re a brand new Salon Professional, opening a Salon, just moved to a new area, or in need of a way to rev up a sagging clientele, put this into action and watch your chair fill up!  With my step-by-step system, there’s no need to sit around waiting for clients!

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