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Ready to STOP Giving Away Your Services?

"Finally, painlessly revamp your pricing and get paid what you deserve!"

FREE 5-Day Confident Pricing Challenge with Pricing Strategist, Miki Wright

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The 5-Day Confident Pricing Challenge


Tired of underpricing your services or feeling uncertain about your pricing strategy?  If so, this challenge will help you overcome your fears of charging what you’re worth, so you won’t keep giving away your services or chicken out when it's time to raise your  prices. Get ready to say goodbye to undercharging and overworking.

In this FREE Challenge you'll discover:  


  • The easy way to stop giving away your Nordstrom level services, for JC Penney prices - and why bending over backwards for people who don't even appreciate it never works

  • The secret to why your clients come to you and why they’re willing to pay more than you think - and the surprising reasons your clients won't leave just because you raise your prices

  • Why discounting, even $5 or $10, is costing you $1,000’s of dollars each year - it may seem small, but it adds up quickly

  • How to go from dreading when it’s time to share your prices to feeling more confident telling your clients what you charge - and why the best surprise is always, no surprise.

  • The 4 Keys to Confident Pricing and how to incorporate them into your own business.

  • By the end of the Challenge, you’ll leave feeling ready to charge what you’re worth!

Join now for the September 10th Challenge! Also, check your inbox for tips to help you grow your business!

What people are saying...


Fabienne Jean- Baptiste
Ocala, FL

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The last time I worked with Miki, I doubled my income!  Now I'm back for more!  The things I'm realizing about pricing strategies are amazing, and changing the way I do business.


Hope 'Precious' Phillips
Houston, TX 

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I've gained the confidence to build my business doing what I love and increasing my prices to allow time to create a better client experience and to give myself more freedom and room for creativity, by not being so crazy booked!


Danielle Pitts
Poughkeepsie, NY  

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From working with Miki, I got confirmation that I was really undercharging for my services.  I'm now ready to triple my prices and establish myself and my Salon as a Leader in my area.

This 5-Day Challenge will reveal little known secrets to overcome your fears and STOP underpricing yourself, discounting and shying away from raising your prices! 

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