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Welcome to Beauty SuperStars Talk!

I hope you are prepared to meet some of the best and brightest Black Beauty Bosses in the Beauty Industry.  Hear their stories, embrace their experiences and grow from their expertise.  Beauty SuperStars is more than a podcast, it's a movement.  


Miki Wright is committed to celebrating the excellence of Black Artists and Entrepreneurs who are excelling in the Beauty Industry, encouraging entrepreneurship, preserving our history and hopefully, bringing healing to our industry!


Feel free to binge watch OR listen!

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A new Beauty SuperStars Talk podcast interview premieres 

every Tuesday at 10am ET.  


If you've missed any of them, catch the replay here!


Also, please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! 

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Listen to the best and brightest Black Beauty Bosses while you're on the go, in the car, cooking and living your life - and watch your career explode!


P.S.  Listen here and on Apple/iTunes, Spotify and more!

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