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Team: Our Team

Partner with us to help Hairstylists, Barbers and Students to gain the training they need to succeed.  

For each contribution of $50 or more, I will give a deserving Beauty Pro or Student one of my premier business classes at no charge, 

to help them create the career they desire and deserve! 

Contributions of any size are accepted.  

At the Partner level, your name will be added to our Partner Appreciation List.  

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I don't know about you, but the first 6 months of my career,

I was broke and in tears, unsure if I could make it as a Stylist!


It was only through the support of my mentors that I found the

courage and confidence to persevere.  

As a new Hair Stylist, I spent my first 6 months in tears.  I wasn't doing enough clients, I wasn't making enough money and I doubted myself, and whether I was even any good at doing hair!  


Gratefully, there was someone there to hold my hand.  I almost lost my apartment and my car and had to go and get a 'real job', in an office.  I thought that was the end of my dream career.  Gratefully, I had a mentor who gave me the opportunity to work part time until I could build up. For that I am forever grateful. I’m painfully aware, that not everyone is that fortunate.  Beauty SuperStars Talk is here to help.


If you’re like me, and are grateful for those who helped guide you on your path, and love to pay it forward, I invite you to consider partnering with us to further this work.  


As you read this, there are Hair Stylists struggling to find clients, pay their bills and filled with self doubt, or who may be discounting their way out of business.  Or worse yet, ready to leave the industry for good.  


We all win when Hairstylists have the the tools and resources and encouragement they need to win.


Now, there is a lot of information out there, but who do you listen to?  Every week, Beauty SuperStars Talk (BSST) brings the best and brightest Black Beauty Bosses who are in the trenches, walking their talk and making their mark in the Beauty Industry.  Each is an expert in their specialty and bring proven strategies and results.  I want to reach each and every one 


The mission of BSST is to encourage Black excellence, entrepreneurship, preserve Black Beauty history and bring healing to our industry! 


We would love for you to partner with us to spread the message further and faster, and to help transform our industry, and the lives of the people in it.



Have a Business you want to grow?  Sponsorship opportunities are available.

 Contact us at 919-813-0366 

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