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Are You Fully Booked for Next Month? If Not, Check Out These 3 Tips…

What’s the best way to create consistent income? 🤔  Have clients already on your  book in advance.

Whether you’ve had a slow Summer or a busy one, it’s time to set your sights on next month - which will be here in a blink!

If you’ve followed me or taken my training, you know m a big fan of rebooking your client’s next appointment BEFORE they leave.

But, in case you didn’t, here’s a few tips that may help you fill it this week, so you’ll be all set  to kick into high gear after Labor Day next week!

  1. Think of what services you would like to promote as we move into the fall season. Create a promotion for that service. It doesn’t have to be a discount. (I’m not big on discounting services 😉)  So maybe it’s a bundle of 2 or 3 services for a special price, or something like a ‘gift’ with purchase.

  2. The natural thought when we want or need more clients is to thing ‘find some new clients’.  But I encourage you to go back to when you were the busiest this year, and contact every person you haven’t seen since then and share your promotion. Your existing clients can sometimes be the best. 😍

  3. Make a post for Social Media about the services you want to promote. If you need a lot of clients, you can share the promotion. Otherwise you can post the benefits of the service and DM everyone who likes or comments, about your special offer.

So there are 3 steps you can take, this week, to fill your appointment book for September!

P.S. Be sure they leave with their next appointment for the holidays!! They need to book early, because you’re gonna be busy! 😉 Speak it into existence.

P.S.S. Now is a great time to prepare to raise your prices before the holidays (they busiest time of the year). You’re invited to join us for the FREE 5-Day Confident Pricing Challenge!

It starts Monday, September 11, so get your space now - and you’ll get some special treats before we start!


P.S.S. Do you secretly dread when someone asks you, "How much do you charge?" Grab your FREE ‘Pricing Cheat Sheet’ at for the 4 Keys to Confident Pricing! Be sure to check out the next 5-Day Confident Pricing Challenge while you’re there.

Miki Wright is a Pricing Strategist and Business Funding Expert, as well as a long time Leader in the Beauty Industry. She trains talented Female Entrepreneurs and Service Professionals how to charge what they're worth! Helping them confidently set and raise their prices, without fear or guilt. She also offers business funding (up to $25K within 24 hours). Wright has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Entrepreneurs with regards to pricing and accessing funding. Be sure to follow her on YouTube!

Wright's former Salon and Spa has been featured in Essence Magazine, The Washington Post, and qualified as one of the 200 fastest growing Salons in the country with, for three consecutive years. Wright is known for her ability to innovate, inspire and offer actionable steps that get results and is the Founder of the Club $10K 90-day Mastermind. Apply now at

Ready to take your business to the next level? Wright will help you set and raise your prices with confidence, and build and fund the business of your dreams. Contact her at or for business funding, visit

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