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Your Creativity is Your Ticket to Winning!

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

See the vision and make it plain.  (my version of a biblical verse) #throwback #inspiration

I came across this drawing (below) I did for a vision I had, and it reminded me that we can receive creativity and inspiration from many sources, if we stay open.

It’s important to capture those visions in whatever way you can. Draw them, write them, but don’t let them slip away. And it’s equally important to execute those visions once you receive them. This vision led me to win a bronze medal in the International Beauty Show’s (IBS-NY) Avant Garde competition!  And get a feature in American Salon Magazine!

The model in the photo above was my client. I think I did an updo on her for a special event, and I remember thinking, this would be really hot 🔥 if I added white hair accents to it. So when we did

our next photo shoot, I used her as my model.

The way our photo shoots worked, is we hired a Photographer, in this case, famed Dudley Style Q Photographer, Ralph Mixon, and we hired a Makeup Artist, none other than Oprah’s Makeup Artist, Derrick Rutledge, (also a Dudley Style Q alum), but we were our own Clothing and Jewelry Stylists. Each of the Hair Stylists and models would bring what they had from their closets - sometimes we would buy something for a certain look.

With the elegant, yet edgy updo, we could’ve gone with an evening blazer or a gorgeous white blouse, but the model pulled out the most amazing black and white bustier. From there another idea was born.

What if I exaggerated the hairstyle and made a bustier with hair?!?  With that idea I decided to enter the competition, which meant lots of practice and training to refine the idea, select the perfect model with the hair, the look and walk, get used to working with her hair, roller placement, etc. and of course, getting the timing down.  Then there was making the bustier out of hair, and making it stay up, defying gravity! 😬 (and yes, it’s hair!)

Fortunately, I had an incredible Coach and Mentor, Rolls Royce (for styling hair) Winner, Tim Gray! (RIP)  And an equally incredible model, LaWanda, who also happened to be a fabulous Hairstylist herself!