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NEW CLASS: 5 Ways to Increase Your Salon Sales WITHOUT Double Booking! (or raising prices)

Updated: Jun 1

It's long been a standard practice in many salons, to 'double book' clients. If you have a client who's color is processing for 35 minutes, instead of sitting around for that time, why not add in a haircut client, which maximizes your time and increases your revenue. In the same timeframe, you've taken care of 2 clients instead of 1. Or maybe the Hair Stylist works with an Assistant, where client A is being serviced by the service provider, client B is being shampooed by the Assistant. Allowing the Hair Stylist to increase their capacity by 50 - 100% each day. If they could do 5 clients a day by themselves, working with an assistant could easily allow them to service 8 -10, maybe even 12 clients a day. From a business standpoint, as well as an efficient client experience, it makes perfect sense.

Enter Coronavirus. There's no doubt that in addition the ravages that it's done to our family, friends, and local and global communities' health, it has devastated many individual businesses and industries, including the Beauty Industry. Many Hair Stylists (and most of the population) was not financially prepared for the sudden closing of their business. By now, 6+ weeks in, savings may have been exhausted, or at the very least, stretched thin. Some have received unemployment benefits, but many have not. As the world starts to reopen, and we have visions of returning to the work we love and making money on a daily or weekly basis, we are hit with the realities of needing to order masks, extra gloves, face shields, additional sanitation products and other PPE.

Then we are hit with one of the toughest blows of all. Not unexpected, but tough. No more double booking. So on top of no income for weeks (or months), needing to spend money before reopening, for the safety of ourselves, our co-workers and our clients, we can only work on 1 client per Stylist at a time. How will we recover if we can't go back to business as usual? How will we put our finances back together? The answer is, you can't do business as usual when the whole game board has changed! You need a new 'game plan'!

Flash forward, I've been meeting with some of my Coaching clients who have re-opened. I'm happy to report that they have made some choices that may seem counter-intuitive, and they're working. They added time in between each client, are seeing fewer clients, while making some changes that allow them to do an even better job of servicing their clients, AND they are generating just as much revenue as they were before COVID-19! Although before, they were working longer hours, serving more guests, while doing fabulous work and feeling rushed through their day. Now, in short, their business is running even better. So many Hair Stylists and Salon Owners want to know the details of what my coaching clients are doing and how they can do it too!

That's why I'm offering a class, a new 'game plan', called 5 Ways to Increase Your Salon Sales WITHOUT Double Booking! (or raising prices). It will be held on Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 7pm ET, Webinar, of course. Join us and set your salon business up for success, all while working smarter, rather than harder. Tickets are only $25 for the first 100! You don't want to miss this class!

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P.S. Get your ticket before they're all gone at https://bit.ly/2Tv9O7M

P.S.S. If your Salon Business is struggling or ready to go to the next level, Miki Wright, is former Hair Stylist and an experienced Salon Business Coach who offers online classes for Hairstylists and Salon Owners, as well as Private Coaching, that will help you quickly create predictable income and boost your Salon’s profits.


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