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Is lowering your Salon price the right thing to do?

Just wondering… 🤔 This has literally had me completely perplexed.

If someone questions your price, does that mean you should lower it?

Everyone questions price. Whether they're at a restaurant, retail store, their Dentist, and with you. Everyone gets questions about their price. And many people will try to negotiate. So why is it surprising when clients, or potential clients, question our prices?

I don’t see that happening in any other industry, but I constantly see Hairstylists bending over backwards and doing flips 🤸‍♀️ because someone said their prices were too high. They're discounting their prices out of guilt and fear, calling friends, even asking people on Facebook, are my prices OK? Are they too high? Then they get feedback from 200 different people in 200 different locations, that know nothing about their business and leave even more confused and unsure.

I want to help!

If you’re tired of wondering if you’re charging the right prices, want to stop discounting every client, or get rid of the fear that all your clients are going to leave if you raise your prices, clear your calendar on Tuesday night at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT and let me help you ‘Level Up!’ and gain the confidence to raise your prices without losing your clients!

As a Salon Business Coach and former Salon/Spa Owner, I've helped many other Beauty Pros overcome those same fears and go on to create exciting, profitable businesses (many 6 figures +) that they love going to every day! This webinar will cover:

  • The easy way to stop giving away your Nordstrom level hairstyles, for JC Penney prices - and why bending over backwards for people who don't even appreciate it never works

  • The secret to why your clients come to you and why they’re willing to pay more than you think - and the surprising reasons your clients won't leave just because you raise your prices

  • Why discounting, even $5 or $10, is costing you $1,000’s of dollars each year - it may seem small, but it adds up quickly

  • How to go from cringing when it’s time to share your prices to feeling more confident telling your clients what you charge - and why the best surprise is always, no surprise.

  • Why Hourly Pricing may NOT be the best option for you - pricing isn't one size fit all

  • You’ll leave feeling ready to charge what you’re worth!

Join me for this FREE Webinar and Level Up! your Salon Pricing! Sign up now, spaces are limited!


Miki Wright, founder of and host of the Beauty SuperStars Talk Podcast, is respected as a leader in the Beauty Industry. Wright, a Salon Pricing Strategist, has been a long time Educator at many of the top Hair Shows in the country. She continues to share her knowledge to help Beauty Pros create the clientele, income and lifestyle they desire with her FREE Webinar, Level Up! The Salon Pricing Masterclass; Pricing Strategies for Dope Hairstylists and other online classes.

Beauty SuperStars Talk offers weekly interviews that celebrate Black Beauty Bosses who are excelling in the Beauty Industry and gives beauty enthusiasts a backstage pass to ‘Experts in Beauty’.

Wright is the former Owner of Fabulous Finishes Salon and Day Spa, which was one of the first African-American owned spa facilities in the country! In addition, her salon was selected by Salon Today Magazine as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons” in the country, for three consecutive years!

P.S.S. Ready to get out of panic and get your money straight after the pandemic? To receive Miki's FREE "Top 5 Secrets to Salon Suite Success," click here and look for the guide on the home page!

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