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How to Reach Your Salon Goals Faster!

Let’s face it, we all need a little accountability! Especially during this year, when it’s easy to get sidetracked by the news and allow our emotions get the best of us. But then it’s time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and continue to pursue our goals and live our purpose. As humans, we all need support and accountability. Even Coaches need Coaches to stay focused and maintain an ability to help others see what’s possible and how to create a, hopefully straight and narrow path, to reach their desired goals - no matter what!

So who’s doing that for you? I have had the best time with several Hair Stylists and Owners who are part of my Mastermind. One was really clear on what she wants to earn, but it turned out her plan for how to get there had a few kinks in it. When we looked at the numbers (an area we focus on to run a profitable business), and with the prices she was charging we knew how many clients she would need to do to reach that goal. She said, “Whew! I don’t want to do that many clients.” So she understood that she would need to raise her prices, focus on offering certain services and begin to turn down potential clients that didn’t fit her service or pricing model. She began to get crystal clear about the services she wants to do, what excites her, who her ideal client is (and is not), and she had the support to move forward, even though it’s scary, new territory!

We currently meet 2 times a month and it’s not only me who's holding each member accountable and lending support, it’s every other member of the Mastermind. The power of the Mastermind lies in sharing the wisdom of all, and sometimes coming up with solutions that no one person could’ve done on their own. If you’re tired of trying to ‘figure it all out’, tired of spinning your wheels and want some support to springboard your 2021, I invite you to consider joining the Be Your Own Boss Quarterly Mastermind!

It is not for everyone and the group will be kept small intentionally. The next session starts Monday, January 11th at 4pm ET and we will meet through the end of March. If this sounds like a fit for you, you’re in luck, because it’s part of my Black Friday Sale and as a FREE added bonus, you’ll get immediate access to my best selling training 90 Days to WOW! The Ultimate Salon Success System that got one Stylist 176 NEW clients in less than 6 months and completely transformed her business!

For the sale you’ll SAVE $140+ and have the option to pay in full or break up the payments. The 3 month, 6 session Mastermind is perfect for Hairstylists who want to build quickly, anyone looking to transition into a new area of the industry or seeking to reach a new goal, and Salon Owners and those in Suites who want to run a better and more profitable business!

It’s regularly, $597, for the sale it’s ONLY $457!! Or if the payment option is better it’s 4 payments of ONLY $125/month (reg. 3 pmts of $215/month).

And if the Mastermind isn’t right for you right now, 90 Days to WOW will help you get the results you want - and more. It’s ONLY $129 and for Black Friday, I’ll throw in my Social Media content creation course - 30 days of posts in only 60 minutes - Create, Post and Go for FREE!

The sale opens tomorrow morning at 6am ET, so be on the lookout. With this offer I do expect the Mastermind will be filled by Friday night, so don’t delay, if you’d like to be part of, don't delay! Wait, you're not on my email list? Sign up now at look for the blue pop up and you'll even get a FREE gift!


Miki Wright, founder of, is respected as a Leader in the Beauty Industry; from her work as an Award Winning Hair Designer, highly praised Platform Artist, Competitor, Educator and a Business Coach who gets results. Wright has been a long time Educator for Hair Shows such as the International Beauty Shows, Bronner Bros. and the ISSE Hair Show.

Wright was the owner of one of the first African-American owned spa facilities in the country! In addition, her salon was selected by Salon Today Magazine as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons” in the country, for three consecutive years! Her salon was featured in the Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine and Essence Magazine, which brought Black women from across the US into her salon and spa for pampering!

She helps Hair Stylists and Salon Owners to ‘get more clients and make more money'. Miki recently launched Beauty SuperStars Talk to showcase the stories and celebrate the excellence of Black Beauty Industry Professionals. Join her LIVE every Tuesday at 7pm ET at or listen to the Podcast on the while you're on the go!

Be sure to visit for your FREE Financial Survival Guide for Hairstylists!

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