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3 Reasons Why January is the WORST Time to Raise Your Prices

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

That ‘New Year, New Prices’ sounds good in theory, but often the results are disappointing! Cancellations, clients stretching out their appointments, or just waiting till spring. That can happen without a price increase in January!

Raising your prices may make it even worse. But I (and tons of my Coaching clients and students) have found things go much smoother BEFORE the holidays. But you still want to communicate it so your clients won’t push back and give you grief. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Aren't convinced to raise your prices right now? Check out these top three reasons you should NOT wait and raise your prices in January:

  1. It's typically the slowest time of year for the industry as a whole.

  2. In much of the country it's cold and people want to stay in. There aren't as many social activities where people want to look their best. Can you spell throw your hair in a ponytail and grab a hat?

  3. People overspent for Christmas. Now the credit card bills are due!

The last thing they want to do is take on another expense for something that, for right now, feels unnecessary.

Now that you know the WORST time, let me show you the BEST time. The best time to raise your prices, is right BEFORE the holidays!

That’s where The Luxury Hairstylist Blueprint online course comes in. I'll take you on a step by step journey, your confidence will be on high and you’ll feel sure and steady with increasing your prices before the holidays. I’ll even help you with what to say, and when and how to tell your clients so they won't feel alarmed or challenge you.

PLUS, you’ll finally have your own pricing formula that can change as you change and grow. My signature ‘Sweet Spot Pricing’ is personalized to your wants, needs and goals, instead of just plucking your prices out of thin air or charging what everyone else does!

If you’re overworked and underpaid, or you know it’s time to raise your prices, but you just don’t know how. Do yourself a HUGE favor and sign up to get started now!! I’ll have you working smarter instead of harder in no time!

Learn more about The Luxury Hairstylist Blueprint at


Unsure if you're ready to raise your prices? Get the first 3 steps you need to take to raise your salon's prices in my FREE Power Pricing Workbook! Download it today at

Miki Wright, founder of and host of the Beauty SuperStars Talk Podcast, is respected as a leader in the Beauty Industry. Wright, a Salon Pricing Strategist, has been a long time Educator at many of the top Hair Shows in the country. She continues to share her knowledge to help Beauty Pros create the clientele, income and lifestyle they desire with her FREE Webinar, Level Up! Raise Your Salon Prices and Get a Life, Without Guilt or Fear and other online classes. Join the waitlist now!

Wright hosts the Beauty SuperStars Talk podcast, which offers weekly interviews that celebrate Black Beauty Bosses who are excelling in the Beauty Industry and gives beauty pros and enthusiasts a backstage pass to ‘Experts in Beauty’. Click here to watch now and watch your Beauty business explode!!

Wright is the former Owner of Fabulous Finishes Salon and Day Spa, which was one of the first African-American owned spa facilities in the country! In addition, her salon was selected by Salon Today Magazine as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons” in the country, for three consecutive years!

Are you ready to go from struggling stylist to SUPERSTAR? Get the first 3 steps you need to take to raise your salon's prices in my FREE Power Pricing Workbook available at


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