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Hi, I'm Miki and I've helped 10,000s of Stylists to boost their salon business!  Now it's your turn!

Miki Wright

For ONLY $17, put your Social Media on Autopilot!
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Whether you're in business already or just thinking about it, no doubt, Social Media is a key part of your plan to gain new, ideal clients.  With that in mind, I want to say 'thank you' and offer you this special, one time opportunity to get one of my most popular classes at at ridiculous discount!

Have you ever spent (or should I say, wasted) time looking at your phone, wondering, 'What in the world will I post today?'  If you're like most of us, the answer is "YES"!  For me, that was happening more days than I care to admit, which meant that some days I didn't post anything at all!  And you know what not posting consistently can do to your business. 

I finally learned a system, made my own tweaks (as a creative person, some things don't work well for me), and low and behold, I not only know what I want to post, but most days, it's already scheduled to post for me!  No more forgetting, or getting too busy, because, it's already done!


The online course is called Create, Post and Go, and it's Social Media content creation and planning made easy! This webinar shows you to how to create 30 days worth of engaging content to post consistently, on Brand, in ONLY 60 minutes a month – and put it all on autopilot!!

Scoop this training up today and it's ONLY $17!  (reg. $89)  I told you it was ridiculously huge discount!  Jump on this quick and you can thank me later! 

Use this special code to get it for only $17! SSCPG3

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