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No more giving 
Nordstrom level service and styles for K-Mart prices!

You may be like so many Hairstylists, who do beautiful work, spend hours away from their family, only to go home exhausted, and still scrambling to make ends meet

Or you may be making good money, but when you look at the time, energy and expertise you put into your styles, deep down inside, you know you’re not making what you should

Or you may have way too many clients (especially after the pandemic), then spend the time when you’re off answering texts and trying to squeeze people in. Something’s gotta give! 


Developed by Salon Pricing Strategist, Miki Wright

Hairstylists are saying...


Fabienne Jean- Baptiste
Ocala, FL

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The last time I worked with Miki, I doubled my income!  Now I'm back for more!  The things I'm realizing about pricing strategies are amazing, and changing the way I do business.


Hope 'Precious' Phillips
Houston, TX 

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I've gained the confidence to build my business doing what I love and increasing my prices to allow time to create a better client experience and to give myself more freedom and room for creativity, by not being so crazy booked!


Danielle Pitts
Poughkeepsie, NY  

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From working with Miki, I got confirmation that I was really undercharging for my services.  I'm now ready to triple my prices and establish myself and my Salon as a Leader in my area.

The Luxury Hairstylist Blueprint gives you the tools, support and training to position your business as a valued Brand, confidently increase your prices, enhance your creativity and give an impeccable client experience, every time, without seeming pushy or arrogant.

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