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What Does it Take to WIN?

Courtesy of NAHA Award Winner, Michelle O'Connor

While all of your feelings are very valid and need to be fully expressed, at a certain time we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and realize, that tough as this time may be, it too shall pass. It is only temporary. And even now – work is no place for your Debbie Downer attitude.

Think about the people that you like to be around, maybe it’s people that keep it real, but they don’t wallow in what they can’t control. They keep it moving. They somehow seem to always bring more solutions than problems. Think about that when you go to work. How can you be more like them?

In case you hadn’t noticed, attitudes are contagious! And it doesn’t matter if it’s a good attitude or a bad one, they do rub off on others. If you want to develop a winning attitude, one thing to keep in mind is, “Everyone has problems. The clients don’t come in to hear about yours; they have their own!

So I would always tell my team, take all of your problems and leave them in a bag right outside the front door, and you can pick them back up on your way home!” It worked for my winning team, try it and see how it works for you!

Now aside from not bringing in a ‘negative’ attitude, what’s your attitude about you and your profession? Do you take what you do seriously or do you just show up and think that’s enough? Is what you do ‘just a job’ or is it “your passion”??? How do you dress for work? Do you just grab whatever’s in a nearby pile, or dress like you’re going to a picnic, or do you dress to be fashionable, comfortable and professional? What difference does all this make, you ask? It’s the difference in being someone who just does a job and ‘tries’to make a living and a ‘Winner’ who gets paid well for what she/he does, month in and month out! Quite a BIG difference, huh!?!

Now the most important attitude that I can encourage you to adopt, is that of a ‘Millionaire Mindset’, one of personal responsibility or that of a Business Owner! They are all the same. “You” are the owner of “You, INC.” Did you know that? No matter where you work or who you ‘work for’, you really work for “You, Inc.”!

So, who’s responsible for growing your business? You, of course! And who’s responsible for making sure that you’re at work on time and looking professional with your work area clean, sanitized and prepared? That’s right, You, again! And here’s the real biggie… Who is responsible for getting you more clients and keeping the one’s you have? I’m sure you’ve guessed it; that would be You, also. Hopefully you’ve really got it and you’ll no longer be sitting around complaining! Fortunately for you, you now know that You are responsible!

Now the flip side of all this ‘responsibility’ is that it also means that You control your own destiny! I want you to be a winner, but ultimately it’s up to YOU and you now have the keys to do just that!

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