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Is There Still Time for Your Salon to Profit on Black Friday?

We are less than 2 weeks away from Black Friday and honestly, I hope that you’ve done some planning to participate in Black Friday - other than going out and spending money, lol! It’s the perfect time to boost your Salon sales and you don’t have to do any more clients to make those coins. Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Kinah Merriweather, better know as the RetailBoss and she says, even with a short timeframe, we can add some income in our physical Salon and online, even if you don’t have a website!

The RetailBoss is a Cosmetologist and has owned a very successful Salon, and in addition, she has a background in Retail Management. In fact she started out working for Nordstrom as a teen.

Some of the things she shared to help us get ready to prosper for the holidays:

1. Set the stage.

Decorate your salon, make it look like Christmas or the holiday season. Have your gifts out, maybe add bows to your regular products. Create gift baskets or gift bundles. Be sure to stock up on ‘Stocking Stuffers’. Maybe throw on a red tablecloth with some gold touches. If you need more decorating or merchandising ideas, visit Pinterest or your local mall

Be sure to get some nice gift bags to put your client’s purchases in, preferably with your business name or logo on them.

Cue the holiday tunes and make it sound like the holidays.

Use candy cane or Christmas tree scented candles or diffusers to make it smell like the holiday season.

Believe it or not, all of these things - what people see, smell and hear, puts them in the mood. In the holiday mood and, in the spending mood!

Touching and looking at products is a traditional way that people start to bond with products. In this age of Covid-19, we may have to adjust some of those traditions and offer alternatives.

Be sure to set your station up to increase sales. She suggests setting out the products the client is likely to need and lining up the products you plan to use on her on your station. For more details, watch her entire interview.

Kinah Merriweather aka the Retail Boss
Let the Retail Boss set your Salon up for holiday success!

2. Set your goals.

How much do you want or need to make? What’s your mid-range price point? (She discussed that on the video also.) How many units or individual products do you need to move to reach your goal? Think about your goal for the whole holiday season? Then break it down for the month, the week and the day!

3. Be prepared.

Set up your station.

Review your client notes. Consider other members of her household or people she may be shopping for.

Be sure to let your clients who haven’t returned for services know what you have to offer. Consider special shopping hours, just for them. Are there other items that your clientele might like and purchase from you, other than hair care, etc.? Candles, make-up, masks, etc.

Whether you have or haven’t started planning for your salon’s holiday promotions, I hope this gives you some ideas and sparks your imagination to make for an exciting and profitable holiday season. For more suggestions and how to boost your holiday sales online, be sure to watch the full interview with the Retail Boss!

Want to learn more from the Retail Boss? Visit her at


Miki Wright, founder of, is respected as a Leader in the Beauty Industry; from her work as an Award Winning Hair Designer, highly praised Platform Artist, Competitor, Educator and a Business Coach who gets results. Wright has been a long time Educator for Hair Shows such as the International Beauty Shows, Bronner Bros. and the ISSE Hair Show.

Wright was the Owner of Fabulous Finishes Salon and Day Spa, one of the first African-American owned spa facilities in the country! In addition, her salon was selected by Salon Today Magazine as one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons” in the country, for three consecutive years! Her salon was featured in the Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine and Essence Magazine, which brought Black women from across the US into her salon and spa for pampering!

She helps Hair Stylists and Salon Owners to ‘get more clients and make more money'. Miki recently launched Beauty SuperStars Talk to showcase the stories and celebrate the excellence of Black Beauty Industry Professionals. Join her every Tuesday at 7pm ET at

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