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Yes, she really gained 176 NEW clients in less than 6 months

- and it literally transformed her business!!


A few years ago, Hairstylist and Salon Owner, Charlisa Chadowboxx Harris, contacted Miki on the verge of leaving the Beauty Industry because her income was so unpredictable!  Maybe you've been in her shoes, one week she was on fire, with lots of clients and a great income! Then the next week, crickets - very few clients and almost NO income, wondering how would she pay her bills?  Within less than 6 months she went from a struggling Stylist/Owner to having a waiting list of clients, 4-6 weeks out!  


What made the difference?  She stepped slightly outside of her comfort zone and followed the simple, yet effective, steps outlined in the 90 Days to WOW! The Ultimate Salon Success System! And in less than 6 months she added a whopping 176 NEW clients and literally transformed her former business into a HUGE success story! She’s a real person, with a real Salon, with a real journey and she’s turned it all around – and so can you!  


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For a Limited Time,
it's ONLY $99

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