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Ready to Boost Your Credit?

The 5 Myths of Credit

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Miki Wright 

Salon & Financial

Empowerment Coach

What's the most important number in your financial life?  

Hint:  It's no longer your bank account balance.  It's your credit score!  

But what do you really know about credit and where did you learn it?  School doesn't teach us, and our parents often don't understand what an important role it plays in today's world.  So what steps can you take to improve it?  

I can tell you, what you don't know, can hurt you!  Take just a moment and download this FREE guide and start to take control of your finances now!


 With more than three decades as a top Educator and Entrepreneur,

 Miki Wright is a Salon and Financial Empowerment Coach who has seen first hand, that increasing your income, does not always translate into creating financial freedom.   Far too many people make great money, and from the outside, live a 'successful' life, but secretly struggle with money, credit and debt.  As a member of the 1 Million Strong Entrepreneurs, she is committed to empowering as many Beauty Pros, small business owners and consumers as possible to learn to play the 'money game' and to build, organize and protect their financial futures. 

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