"Hairstylists, are you a  ready to STOP working for crumbs?!? 


I can teach you how to quickly build a solid clientele that will boost your income 

- even in 2021!"

I've helped thousands of Hair Stylists,

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Miki Wright


Online Business Training

"How a struggling Hairstylist was able to gain 176 NEW clients in less than 6 months!!"


A few years ago, Hairstylist and Salon Owner, Charlisa Chadowboxx Harris, contacted Miki on the verge of leaving the Beauty Industry because her income was so unpredictable!  Maybe you've been in her shoes, one week she was on fire, with lots of clients and a great income! Then the next week, crickets - very few clients and almost NO income, wondering how would she pay her bills?  Within less than 6 months she went from a struggling Stylist/Owner to having a waiting list of clients, 4-6 weeks out!  


What made the difference?  She stepped slightly outside of her comfort zone and followed the simple, yet effective, steps outlined in the 90 Days to WOW! The Ultimate Salon Success System! And in less than 6 months she added a whopping 176 NEW clients and literally transformed her former business into a HUGE success story! She’s a real person, with a real Salon, with a real journey and she’s turned it all around – and so can you!  Click the link below to get started today!

For a Limited Time,
it's ONLY $99

About Miki Wright

Miki Wright went from struggling Stylist to booked solid in months, not years.  She then went on to own a salon where she trained her Stylists how to duplicate her success.  Fabulous Finishes, her former Salon and Spa, was named one of the “200 Fastest Growing Salons in the Country” by Salon Today Magazine – for three consecutive years!!! 

Why not learn what it really takes to grow your Salon business from someone who’s been in your shoes?   Wright is a Business Coach and founder of www.BeautySuperStars.com and loves helping Hairstylists to build a solid clientele in 12 months or less.


Coaching and Online Classes

Download today, start learning right away!

Flexible Payment Planning
Nails with Friends
Hair Stylist

2020 Profit Plan
Mini Coaching Session

2020 may have started off pretty rocky, but it's not over yet.  Our 'cheese' has been moved and for many of us, we need to create additional ways to generate income and keep our year (and our life) on track.

Only $20.20!

Get More Clients, Make More Money, FAST! E-book

If you need to jumpstart your business, this is the way to do it!  Whether you’re a brand new Salon Professional, opening a Salon, just moved to a new area or in need of a way to rev up a sagging clientele, put this into action and watch your chair fill up!  With my step by step system, there’s no need to sit around waiting for clients!

Reg. $19.95, NOW $9.95!

90 days to WOW!
The Ultimate Salon Success System

If you're a Hairstylist who loves making people look great, and you want and NEED to have a full book, consistent income - and a life, you've come to the right place! Order today and receive the 'Get More Clients, Make More Money, FAST!' ebook for FREE!.

For a Limited Time,

it's ONLY $99

Reg. $297


More Coaching and Online Classes

What you need to learn to WIN in 2020!

Woman Hair Stylist
Woman on Phone

Create, Post and Go! Easy Content Creation

Learn how to create engaging content and post consistently – all on autopilot!!  Miki will show you how you can create 30 days worth of posts in 60 minutes, then come back to engage with your growing number of followers!

Reg. $89, NOW only $49

Building Your Clientele 101

​This quick read will show you how to:

  • How to set goals and take control of your attitude and your business

  • What the ‘Lifetime Value’ of a client is and why it’s important

  • How to fill your chair on a regular and consistent basis

Reg. $19.95, NOW only $9.95

Private Coaching

Let Miki help you take your business and Brand to the next level! She helps Beauty Pros create a business that supports their lifestyle, (now and in the future) and one that expresses their passion, is growth oriented and profitable.  She's put together a few ways that you may be able to work together.  Click below for more details. 

For a Limited Time, $175/hour


For Salon Owners Only

Growing your Team and Business Takes a New Skillset, Miki has you covered!

5 Steps to Hiring Success

This is one of our most popular classes for Salon Owners!  In about 90 minutes, you'll learn 5 simple steps that will help you eliminate hiring disasters and attract motivated, talented people to help you grow your business and your brand!  Click to get started today and say goodbye to your hiring headaches!  In the course, you'll receive Miki's special Application that's designed to do 90% of the weeding out for you!

ONLY $99,

includes Miki's Special Application

The Dream Team Academy
Leadership School for Salon Owners

Ready to grow your business, but tired of all the headaches and drama that come with hiring and managing a growing team?  Salon Business Coach, Miki Wright has been in your shoes.  She's led one of the (Salon Today Magazine's) 200 Fastest Growing Salons in the Country, for 3 consecutive years.  Now she shows you how to transform your business and free your time by attracting and leading a great team! 

You'll receive unlimited access to 6 modules that were recorded with other Salon Owners, just like you.  They ask the questions you'd like to ask and Miki provides the answers.  The training covers: Finding Great Hair Stylists; the 5 Steps to Hiring Success; Setting your new hire up for success from Day 1; Compensation Modules; Leadership training and much more.  With so much incredible content, you will want to visit this training again and again. 

SPECIAL BONUS:  Includes the 5 Steps to Hiring Success! (P.S. If you already have the 5 Steps Training, contact us for a credit).  Click now for more details and to get started right away!  

ONLY $297

Private Coaching

Miki Wright coaches Hair Stylists and Salon Owners from her own vast experience in the industry, from struggling newbie to talented and super booked, award winning Stylist, Salon and Spa Owner, Educator and Platform Artist.  Having trained literally 1000's from all across the country, she combines her knowledge with compassion and her keen intuition about anything that may be blocking her clients from reaching their highest goals. She is able to help her clients create simple, yet powerful strategies that produce results!  If you're feeling stuck, ready for a change or like there's a next level for you to reach, Coaching with Miki may just the the thing you need.

For a Limited Time, $175/hour



My take away is that I’m responsible for My own Success!! I have great Service to offer! And I will set my own goals and will not be intimidated by my Clients!! Enjoyed this Session 

90 Days to WOW!   Rated 5 out of 5

Cynthia Davenport

I can't say enough about Miki and how much I appreciate her. She has helped to transform me as a stylist and business owner. Each time I meet with her I take away valuable information that helps me to grow as personally and build financial stability for my business. She has a heart of gold and I'm so fortunate to have found a Coach like her.

Jessica Clarke  JC Styles Denver, CO

I ordered your Get More Clients e-book and was so excited that I read it the same night. The next day I put it into action. The first day or two no phone calls. By day three I started making appointments. In one week I went from a couple of clients to being booked. My first one was Tuesday. This Friday night booked and ALL DAY Saturday Booked. It just snowballed. All total in one week I had 7 new clients. 4 re-booked for either 2 week or 3 week appointments. They also took coupons with them. Next week I have 6 scheduled. These new clients are in influential positions at work too. I can’t wait to see what next weekend will look like. I worked from 8am – 8pm this past Saturday. Non stop. Miki I haven’t had a Saturday like this in a long time.

Thank you so much,

Rachel J.

short brown hair

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